Roja and Iftar

Posted on Nov 2, 2004  |   2212 views  

In the Arabic month Ramadan the world Muslim community compulsorily do month long fasting, don’t take food in the day time, led the life with spiritual devotion and pray. This system known as Roja, (seam, or self control). The literal meaning of Ramadan is escape the food, but the inner meaning is “ burning the self by denying physical desires and shining the spiritual senses ”. During Ramadan Muslim break the fast together with family or in community mosque. In Bangladesh Muslim generally takes fried, sweat, cold and hot food; for example – peaju, baguni, kabab, halim, jelapi, date and shorbot etc, which are not hygienic in most of cause. In Dhaka city in the eve of Ramadan many temporary restaurants have established in the roadside for a month and are doing business, have not food quality, but have huge number of customers.


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