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Africans say no to HIV/AIDS

Posted on May 11, 2007  |   2010 views  

I strongly believe that HIV/AIDS can be sent out of Africa if only we can say no to casual sex. Saying no to casual sex directly means saying no to HIV/AIDS. Though the syndrome can also be contacted by other means but those are insignificant. Spouses should remain faithful to each other and young people should wait till they get married. Why destroy your future today. Remember that you cannot eat your cake and have it, There's no argument on the fact that abstinence is the best prevention. But if you can’t abstain play safe. I also think that increased knowledge of AIDS will make people more careful. The piece of art, to me means: Saying know to relationship that has to do with sex. Do not agree with what is not going to help your marriage in future. Do not answer to a man that all he need is sex. Be sure about your relationship with any man you are in love with. Stephen O. Silas Tel: 234-(0)805-056-5567

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