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Terri Willard

Terri Willard brings 15 years of professional experience in sustainable development networks to improving education for a sustainable future in Manitoba. She is currently juggling working as a... read more Terri Willard brings 15 years of professional experience in sustainable development networks to improving education for a sustainable future in Manitoba. She is currently juggling working as a sessional professor on Foundations of Sustainable Development Practice for master's degree students at the University of Winnipeg Global College with being a student in the University of Manitoba Faculty of Education. Previously, Willard worked as a Project Manager at the International Institute for Sustainable Development in Winnipeg, Canada from 1996-2005 (seconded from IDRC Aug 1996-July 2000) and as an Associate from 2005-2010. Her primary areas of activity have included communications and knowledge networks for sustainable development, engaging young people in Information and Communications for Development (ICT4D), and researching the links between the information society and sustainable development. Major accomplishments included: • Authoring and co-authoring over <a href="%5C">twenty IISD working papers and books</a> on networks, governance, ICTs and youth. • Co-creator of the <a href="%5C">Youth Creating Digital Opportunities</a> initiative with the Global Knowledge Partnership and TakingITGlobal, seeking to realize the potential of young people as leaders in using information and communication technologies to achieve more sustainable development. Included backstopping of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) <a href="%5C">Youth Caucus</a> and preliminary investigations into supporting youth-led ICT entrepreneurship in developing regions. • Manager of the <a href="%5C">Information Society and Sustainable Development</a> research project in eight developing countries, seeking to strengthen relationships and knowledge sharing between these policy communities at the national level. • Co-authored working paper series and book on <a href="%5C">International Knowledge Networks for Sustainable Development</a>. Presented workshops on virtual teamwork, policy engagement strategies, and knowledge management to CIDA, IDRC, and the World Bank. Additional presentations and speaking engagements on these subjects at Expo 2000 (Hannover, Germany) and for FORUM Umweltbildung (Vienna, Austria). Coordinated 5-week e-conference on <a href="%5C">WSSD Partnerships for UNDP/BASD</a>. • Coordinated network evaluations for the Global Knowledge Partnership and International Forum on Rural Transportation and Development. Provided input to the development of knowledge management and communications strategies for the Global Village Energy Programme and the mid-term review of the second phase of the IDRC/IFAD ENRAP (Knowledge Networking for Rural Development in Asia/Pacific Region) project. • Developed and facilitated the <a href="%5C">SD Webworks</a> community of practice for Web managers of sustainable development organizations. Founding member of <a href="%5C">ItrainOnline Partnership</a> to assist civil society organizations (CSOs) in developing countries to access online training materials addressing the challenges posed by new information and communications technologies (ICTs). • Provided input and a case study to Ethical Media’s development of a <a href="%5C">network communications strategy</a> for the Bretton Woods Project . Provided input to the development of the Global Development Network Web strategy through a workshop in Sussex, England. Undertook usability and user needs assessment of <a href="%5C">Environment Canada Clean Air Web Site</a>. Based on these experiences, Terri was appointed as the vice-president of the <a href="%5C">TakingITGlobal board of directors</a> in May 2004 and a member of the advisory committee for the <a href="%5C">Global Teenager Programme</a> in July 2004. She also serves as a member of the IMSA President's Alumni Advisory Committee, providing ideas on how the <a href="%5C">Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy</a> can achieve its vision of "liberating the genius and goodness of all children and inviting and inspiring the power and creativity of the human spirit for the world." Previously, she has worked as the Information Systems Coordinator for the Programme for Traditional Resource Rights in Oxford, England. She has also served as a research assistant at the International Institute for Rural Reconstruction in the Philippines. She has experience developing hands-on science curriculum for elementary schools in the United States. Terri holds a B.S. in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and a M.Sc. in Forestry and its Relation to Land Use from Oxford University. Her Master’s thesis included the creation of a workbook for Filipino farmers and local organisations on techniques to promote the genetic conservation of indigenous trees in local agroforestry systems. She has been recognized for her achievements as a Rhodes Scholar, Henry Luce Scholar, Hearst Senate Youth Program Scholar, and Georgetown School of Foreign Service Scholar.

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