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Posted on Mar 19, 2011  |   4281 views  

I am a conservationist - getting to the heart of an issue, seeing it up close and getting my hands dirty to do my part is how I would love to spend the rest of my days. But I have always believed that the media is an exceptional tool in conservation and the key to making a difference. It has the ability to reach people all over the world, show them what is going on and most importantly - motivate them to make a difference. After all, watching nature documentaries has inspired me into my line of work. I love my job because I work in conservation education in Asia. I take students out of air-conditioned classrooms and into the outdoors - teaching them about the environment and why it is so important to protect. But what I find so often is that most people, no-matter their age or background, are unaware of the environmental issues around them. My life ambition is to work in conservation and educate and inspire the world through creative documentaries. When I heard about Project Borneo and DeforestACTION, I was blown away by how perfect this initiative was - action at both ends of the spectrum. This combination of conservation and media will make a difference locally and globally. I have a bachelor of Science majoring in Marine Biology and volunteer for a Turtle Hatchery on Tioman Island, Malaysia. I have also volunteered for an after-hours wildlife ambulance in hometown Brisbane, Australia - very important for our many nocturnal creatures! Today I still stay tuned-in on Aussie issues with my environmental blog. I love to write, especially about animals and nature, and write articles for Asian Geographic Junior (http://www.asiangeojunior.com/). But I also love the flexibility of visual media and it's power to reach out to people. I have a bachelor of Journalism on top of my BSC and have done short courses and workshops in T.V presenting and internships with Channel Ten Australia. Vote for me and you can guarantee that I will give the orangutans of Borneo my entire heart and soul. I will never give up on them, or the rainforest, and strive to motivate others to get out there and take part. Best wishes, Tara


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