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Art deco feelings of its a small world

Posted on Jan 24, 2005  |   1011 views  

not a great photo shot! but this is one of my paintings I do. its just random feelings of the ride. I only looked at one picture as I painted this (the clock face) I wanted it right! this is soft pastels and gold glitter gluepaint.everything on it is left to right>duckbill/egg,penguins, roof streamers,sun,umbrella, clock....leaf,cancan girl,flower lea,tower,windmill,Balloon kid flying, tulip with wood shoes, girrafe,hula skirt,...rides water tube,ballet dancers ,dog,gonedalear,native hut,flying,shamrock,hipo, frog,box kite, valcano,donkey playing drum,hot air balloon,egyption,ship full of kids,...mosk,bell ringer, egg,mermaid,girl with basket on head,floating flowers, cleopatra, mask,cowboy hat/lasso

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