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Tina T. H. Lee

<i>"Where there is love, there is life” —<a href="%5C">Mohandas K. Gandhi</a></i>. Universal love is Tina’s infallible belief. Whether in the context of daily living, family, friendship, work,... read more <i>"Where there is love, there is life” —<a href="%5C">Mohandas K. Gandhi</a></i>. Universal love is Tina’s infallible belief. Whether in the context of daily living, family, friendship, work, etc., Tina believes that Love is the essential and effecting ingredient in all aspects of our lives: for instance, the Love for life gives it purpose; the Love in family brings happiness; the Love for work inspires excellence... Born in <a href="%5C">Taipei, Taiwan</a>, Tina has lived and learned life in three cities: Taipei, Montreal, and Toronto… between the East and the West, the French and the English, as well as other dualities, Tina became a global citizen with a multicultural mind and heart. A determined life-long learner, Tina is eager to understand the world and to contribute to its positive growth, and she continues to gather and appreciate the lessons that come with every experience. Ever since the age of ten, Tina has been increasingly involved in creative projects and diverse youth-led initiatives… As a high school student, she played active roles in the school’s student committees, charity fundraisers, talent shows and journalistic productions. In 2001, she was honoured by the prestigious <a href="%5C">Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation (CMSF)</a> for ranking among the top 100 national candidates meeting the criteria of strong “character, leadership and community service.” Previously <a href="%5C">TakingITGlobal</a>’s East Asia Regional Coordinator, Tina supported the TIG staff with further understanding of the East Asia region as well as the local members’ needs. She jumpstarted Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified translation efforts on TIG and began developing local engagement strategies with hope to foster awareness and leadership among youth in East Asia. From 2003 to 2006, Tina was Creative Director at <a href="%5C">Executive 2000 Institute</a>, a Canadian business management consulting firm with an acute sense of social responsibility. In addition to offering training and development services to large corporations, Executive 2000 Institute also runs School with Total Success (STS), a program to foster awareness and leadership in children. Tina coordinated the publishing of <i>The Inner Global Village</i>—a book about character-building that is integral to the children’s training program; she also worked on the book's design, editing and marketing. In June 2004, along with 14 other young leaders from across the world, Tina represented Canada on the inaugural <a href="%5C">Microsoft Office Information Worker Board of the Future</a> as an active advisor for Microsoft, providing insight on the future of work and technology. In 2005, Tina heads Youth Graffiti, <a href="%5C">Soul Graffiti LLC</a>’s new youth division, designed to educate, assist, and encourage young adults to perform consciousness acts of kindness. Tina is currently working on the development of various projects while finishing her B.A. degree, in <a href="%5C">Cultural Studies</a> and <a href="%5C">International Development Studies</a> at <a href="%5C">McGill University</a> in <a href="%5C">Montreal, Canada</a>. At the university Tina was part of the founding team of McGill’s Faculty of Management Newspaper—<a href="%5C"><i>The Bull and Bear</i></a> and served as the paper's Production Manager; she's also served as Chief Sponsorship Officer for the Students’ Stocks Exchange Concilium (SSEC), Speaker/Judge for McGill's High School Debating Tournament and Peer Educator for McGill's <a href="%5C">Career and Placement Service</a>. In 2002, Tina helped design and launch the McGill Women’s Studies’ Students’ Association’s Undergraduate Journal—<i>Intersexions</i>, a scholarly publication that seeks to promote awareness and expression regarding gender issues, the journal has been growing steadily since. Through her experiences, Tina hopes to learn the ropes of Communication, Design, and Development as well as meet, inspire, and be inspired by fellow humans… all with the vision for a better world and a united humanity. “When information is given right, it can become inspiration. Youth today have trouble deciding where they want to go with their lives. This is due especially to information overload. Technology and education has to help us break this down and facilitate our access to and digestion of proper information to make the right choices. Indeed, it is essential that one finds their voice within amidst the noises of the world." —Tina, during her participation on the Board of the Future 2004 in Seattle, WA. // Want to contact me? Click here to <u><a href="%5C">send me an email</a></u> //

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