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The contest closed Sep 30, 2005. The voting closed Sep 30, 2005.



5 Years of TakingITGlobal: I AM TakingITGlobal

Has TIG become a part of your day to day life? Have we become ‘inseparable’ after 5 years? The purpose of this photo contest is simple. We want you to take TIG with you. Take TIG with you on the highway, on the subway, mountain climbing, to the beach, to the top of the Eiffel tower, anywhere! Just print the specially-made contest sign “I AM TAKINGITGLOBAL” from the theme page and photograph yourself in a unique geographical location that represents your village, city, country or travel destination. This August and September, remember to take TIG with you!

  • A winner will be randomly drawn from all entries. Honorable mentions will go to the most spectacular images which will likely be featured in upcoming publications.
  • All entries must have the contest sign or a suitable TIG insignia in clear view. A TIG t-shirt or other TIG products are suitable replacements.
  • Sorry, photographs that have been digitally altered are not valid entries