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do we really need all of this ?

Posted on Nov 20, 2020  |   2188 views  

JAYU iAm - As our environment constantly changes, we adapt by making sure we are fully prepared for whatever is thrown at us. There is no doubt about it, we need objects. But is there such a thing as having too many objects? This self-portrait is a manifestation of me coming to a realization - an unpleasant one where I am burdened by all of my possessions, especially clothes. For a lot of us, being quarantined at home means being constantly surrounded by all the things we own and it got me thinking, “do we really need all of this?”. I made use of natural light and played with the concepts of positive and negative space within my composition.

Aira Biswas | 21 | Canada

MediumPhotography, Colour

Related Issues Culture

Collections Creativity in Quarantine

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