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Posted on Apr 10, 2010  |   1457 views  

TREES AND MEN The last tree dies and the last man also dies. Trees are essential part of humanity; the very livelihood of man (humanity) depends on trees. Man depends on trees in all that it does, from eating, wearing of clothes, sleeping and been buried depends on trees. It is a hard fact but surprising to know that man cannot live without trees. However, trees which are gifts from nature are been misused or abused by humanity through civilization. Trees are been cut down every day in the name of civilization without the future being thought of. Every second, minute, hour of the day thousands and millions of trees are been cut down and not replaced. This, therefore, has contributed to global warming. Up to date, in some parts of the world, people still use firewood in preparing of food, warming of their rooms and among others. Trees are cut down illegally and much is not been done globally. Some of these trees are transported outside the country whereas others are sold internally to local people who intend use it for their commercial and domestic purposes. Example smoking of fish, charcoal, cooking, and among others.


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