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It is NOT enough

Posted on May 26, 2015  |   1685 views  

By: Pamela Orta Galicia In recent years, Mexico has unleashed a chain of events due to the high number of violations of human rights, turning to Mexico City a place where freedom of speech and expression has been threatened by groups of power, this photo was taken at the base of the city of Mexico, in a demons-tration demanding a resolution by the state regarding the thousands of Messing people and hun-dreds of thousands of deaths in Mexico. We can find a paper dove which is a reference of peace, the Mexican flag meaning our nationality, our culture and our roots, and moreover the catedral, evo-king the plurality and diversity of beliefs that exist in this country, so a picture can speak to us about different aspects, in this case all relate to the same thing, human rights for which we must fight.