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My Culture and I - Expressions of self and personality

Posted on Jun 3, 2015  |   1680 views  

This piece was made through the AYV program at the Changchun American International School. "Working on this project, I had to think about a certain thing that relates to our culture, Korea. The language “Korean” first came into my mind because it is our own national language created by King Sejong, our ancestor. Then, I had to think about how I am going to combine it with the picture. Since the task was to create a work that reflects our personality and culture, so I came up with one idea of using “hunminjungeum,” which King Sejong created. Therefore I took a picture of a small segment of the book, hunminjungeum and a picture of my self with a camera. This picture more relates to my culture than personality. Since the language “Korean” is our unique language, so I thought that it was the best way of reflecting my culture. Photo of my self was used reflect my personality and by using Photoshop, masking skill, I was able to obtain a picture that relates to my culture."