The contest closed Feb 8, 2008. The voting closed Feb 8, 2008.



Addressing Global Challenges

Young people make significant contributions toward social change and are continually engaged and involved in many innovative projects and initiatives in both our local and global communities. It is important to recognize our accomplishments, but also remain inspired, informed and involved on the urgency of challenges we continue to encounter as a global community. This contest is being held to celebrate contributions from young people around the world and to inspire continuing youth engagement to achieve global change. Submissions should represent these accomplishments through the creation of images in the form of photographs and artwork. A selection of contest submissions and winners will be displayed in a live exhibit on January 29th during International Week at the University of Alberta and during Global College Week at McEwan College (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada). Local, national and international submissions are encouraged and will be used to engage young people in a separate open forum discussion during both International Week and Global College Week. The exhibit will highlight images using original submissions and projections from the online gallery. This is a great opportunity to highlight how local talent relates to global issues and share your talents with other young people around the world.