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The contest closed Sep 22, 2014. The voting closed Oct 1, 2014.



Adobe Youth Voices Celebrates Global Dignity Day 2014

On October 15th TakingITGlobal and Adobe Youth Voices will be participating in Global Dignity Day! Global Dignity Day brings together role models from around the world to inspire and encourage students to make dignified, positive, and inclusive life choices as they develop into their best selves. The goal of this year's event is to instill a new, positive, inclusive and interconnected sense of value in young people that will guide them as they grow into adulthood. Global Dignity Day will be celebrated through a virtual conference with youth all around Canada and through a Celebration Webinar with all AYV Educators and Youth. It will be an amazing opportunity for you to showcase your work and show everyone what dignity means to you!


The young artist who receives the most amount of votes will have the opportunity to showcase their winning artwork in front of a large audience at the Global Dignity Day Video Conference. This young artist, along with two-runner ups will also be invited to showcase their artwork during a Celebration Webinar that will invite educators and youth worldwide to celebrate Global Dignity Day together! Both of these celebrations will take place on October 15th, 2014.

Artists must be aged 13-18.