#Decarbonize BlueYouth

Our world is changing. As global temperatures rise, our landscapes and waterscapes are transforming in ways that threaten wildlife and ecosystems.

Water connects us all, supporting almost all life on the planet. Understanding the vast interconnected system that touches all of us is essential to the continued thriving of our species and all other species around us.

From droughts to floods, climate change is changing the very systems we rely on for survival.

We are calling on you to get your creative juices flowing and contribute to our creative collection that captures diverse experiences from the front lines of the climate crisis.

In an effort to #decarbonize our world, these stories will contribute to an educational mobilization which culminates at the COP22 Climate Negotiations in Morocco this November.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few question prompts to kickstart your process!

  • Start with your current context and the changes you see in your own neighbourhood:
  • If you live in a city, how much garbage is being thrown out?
  • How do people get from one place to the next & what emissions result from daily lifestyle habits?
  • If you live on or near a farm, how have recent weather patterns impacted the crops & livelihoods of farmers?
  • If you live near a desert, how has the heat affected access to water sources?
  • If you live near the ocean, have you noticed increased intensity of storms?
  • If you live in the arctic, how have changes in polar bear and caribou migration patterns influenced your daily life or community?
  • How are these changes influencing the lives of the creatures around you?
  • How might the animals react to these changes?

  • We are looking for visual examples of both current realities as well as possible futures. Artwork can be created through photography, painting, drawings, comics, digital graphics and multimedia... 
    The method is up to you! 

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