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Our Earth Ship

Posted on Jun 5, 2004  |   6685 views  

This piece of art was created to illustrate the connectiveness between people, culture, technology, nature, and spirit. The globe-like form of this artwork is to symbolise the uniqueness of our planet, containing such diversity of people, places, and things. The art was created specifically to bring about a feeling of life - a journey toward enlightenment. The artwork was first created as a sketch, based on a conversation about these very ideas. While it was originally created to promote awareness, it never quite found a spotlight or showcase, other than on my office wall. Here, in this gallery, I hope it will find a new audience. I must give due credit to a friend who helped to draw the original sketch on a sheet of paper - for the record, she expressly permitted me to use the artwork for any purpose thereafter. The draft sketch was used to create a 3 by 5 foot drawing (which you now see in digital form).


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