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Posted on Aug 9, 2011  |   4332 views  

Holocaust ( A M o m e n t of S t r u g g l e ) Sculpture Title: Holocaust (a moment of struggle) "This Captivate art of miniature sculpture that I have created is a fantasized through imagination that never occurred in reality". Medium: Clay, Paper Board, Acrylics sheets, Wood and Wires. Comment about Subject: This piece of Art is design in a form of a miniature sculpture. size 8" inches in length and 7.5" inches in height. Here the main subjects composed are, the Dragon on tree with its nest, hatched three eggs protecting it from other entities. Its the only last species left of those eggs to raise. The other subject is human Mayan lady, with her small baby warped on her back whom she care's and nurture. Besides those subject's, their is a man made tomb like, monument concerned to Mayan race. Aim: This miniature sculpture, its a kind of struggle a fight, between two different mothers, who care about their species, and generation to survive. A struggle, that bind's them together, with a common aim to sustain, in this Drastic mist of judgment time. Who wins will over come her judgments, and nature will spare a species, for the survival of a race to follow, with some moment of time. Brief: I have tried to follow the Mayan style in my sculpture, who are concerned with the tools they make, the monuments they create, to reach God's. To have their blessings for better survival, a better catch or, a hunt for food, and a proper place for shelter. Which not only provides protection from enemies, entities and other destructive power's of nature. But, It also works like to face God in heaven, a journey after life, as per Mayan's belief's. These are kind of religious rituals they follow for co-existence since, generations. So, for that, they offer human sacrifice to God's as a praise for better, healthy life, with protection, and a place in heaven to enter next life. This place is a sacrificial monument, which I have tried to put up in such a imaginative creepy structure, were human's are being sacrificed for offering's to God's. But time's are changed here, and this place is no longer human's, it is know devastated, as nature has offered Dragon to perish Mayan race, and it resources away. As if, age of Dragon's is about to begin. i.e. The last cannibal Dragon has captured this place, through its flame's, for it's co-existence, for a period of time. It has know laid Eggs, and nested as if, the place know belongs to; and is a Dragon's layer. So, it will fight back to rule the place, to co-exist, to protect its last only species. Where as, on other hand the Lady, the Mayan female has lost everything her man and race follower's, only because of Dragon. What's left with her is her only beloved child, whom she needs to fed. She is broken inside, and has non other choice, the least one is to run away and die in hunger with her child, since non is left for resource. So, she decides to fight the Dragon away for survival, and the prize are the Eggs to feed herself so, her child. As her child, is the only spirit of hope, she aims to move forward. So, here comes a struggle between two different mother's to survive it's kind. In this historical fight event, whoever survives is another story. But this Captivate art of struggle, Structure aims us straight that, life is hard to survive, at such "Holocaust" moment of time. Created & Written by : Sushil Pawar ( B.F.A Artist) cell no: 8291664158 or, mail at: I would like to sell this hand made artifact sculpture, whoever is interested can buy it from me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~​~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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