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Our Future's Bleak

Posted on Oct 10, 2016  |   1838 views  

Our group has made an infographic to show Mother Earth’s current condition now and Mother Earth’s condition in the future if we don’t partake in making change happen. We live in a generation today wherein we tend to overuse our resources for our own selfish consumption, with this we destroy our environment. But we also live in a generation wherein we want to change our ways, yes we plan lots of spectacular and creative things in order to save Mother Earth but our plans do not translate to our actions. The plans that we make are kind of useless when we don’t put it into action, being in an Environmental Education class made us not just aware of the impacts of our actions, but we also learned to put into action what we know in order for the lessons that we learned to be meaningful. Our perspectives with the work from those students from Canada are the same in the sense that Mother Earth is slowly dying because of our actions and that we need concrete action in order to save our beloved planet. On the other hand, other students made a collage to appreciate Mother Earth's beauty. Our perspectives are different in the sense that they are more hopeful than us. - Lorianne Venturanza, Carla Perete, Caleia Zacarias


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