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The Girl Who is Trying

Posted on Nov 5, 2018  |   608 views  

This is about a girl who’s trying to save the last bits of nature that’s left in the world. We all think that we don’t have to do anything for nature. We think that if we just sit here and do nothing that and everything will solve itself out. We just think that if we don’t do anything it doesn’t matter because someone else is doing something and it doesn’t change anything if we help. But look around. The problem is that all of us think that. If all of us are going to keep just sitting around then nothings going to change for the better. if we would all be like that girl who is trying her best she doesn’t even have to do that much none of us do but just by little and little if everyone would pitch in it would really make a difference.

Rasa Sauša | 14 | Riga | Latvia

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