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I am This Country- Kaitlyn Purvis

Posted on Feb 23, 2012  |   2127 views  

My art work is my song. It's hard to define my Canadian moment down to just one moment. I have lived in Canada my whole life. Every time I go to another Canadian city or to the beach-anywhere really, I feel a part of this country. I have been so privileged to live in such an open, supportive environment. If I had to define one moment though, I would choose the day when I got my guitar. That’s why I chose to write a song. Song writing is who I have become. Through my song I am telling what I think about when I think of being Canadian. Beautiful waters, open plains, blue skies, birds singing as you walk through the park, strangers smiling as you pass them by. I have never been anything else but Canadian, being Canadian is my norm. If someone asked me what it’s like to be Canadian, I wouldn’t know what to tell them. That’s like asking someone who’s a twin what it’s like to be a twin, they have never been anything but a twin. How are they supposed to know what it’s like not to be, when they have been a one their entire life? When I think of my home or of my family and friends- I think of Stratford, Ontario, Canada, and my house on the outskirts of town. I think of that time my friends and I walked around the river at midnight, or the time I got to perform on the famous Stratford Festival stage. Canada has become the country it is because of its people. Because of you and me! And our culture has evolved because of the different moments that make us feel like Canadians!


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