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West Coast Vibrancy

Posted on Feb 26, 2012  |   1609 views  

Travelling with my sister along the Dallas Road cliffs in Victoria, B.C. last fall, I decided to have an intimate shoot with the shoreline. Studying the shore more closely, I noticed rubber wheels, debris, and garbage among the natural elements. Getting up close to the rocks, kelp, and logs, I soon began to realize the complexity of the shoreline. The waves were strong that day and kept pushing up natural materials onto the shore. The sound and site of the waves washing up on shore was refreshing and felt extremely clean even though there was garbage in site. The ocean is a dark place, but continuously shapes our nation, offering a distinctive culture and home for many animals and people. Watching the waves splash up against the shore has always been a rejuvenating experience, which I often share and explore with others. The coast is a powerful and beautiful addition to our nation, which Canada is fortunate enough to be home to the largest coastline in the world. As society, we must be reminded of the impact that human activities can have on our vibrant coastlines.


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