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Soaring Totem

Posted on Feb 26, 2012  |   2512 views  

This photograph taken at Thunderbird Park in Victoria, BC, is one of the park’s many impressive poles. This park was created with the intent of preserving cultural heritage that is so valuable to the country and more specifically to the coasts. Since its establishment, Thunderbird Park has become a place to practice, share, and pass on both cultural heritage and contemporary culture. Totem poles do not only remind us of one of Canada’s founding people, but also adds to the distinctive culture of coastal communities. They are a sign of pride in the life of the Indigenous and openly share with the public their strong appreciation to the lands that we call home. Totem poles tell legends, reflect clan lineages, and recount notable events. While some poles celebrate cultural beliefs, others stand as artistic monuments and reflect hard worked hours carving away images into vast logs. Above all, this pole along with all others, commemorate Indigenous ties to the Canadian landscape as they soar into the blue sky. Totems are a reflection of Canada’s past, present, and future as they continue to be carved and restored for generations to come.


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