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Old Growth Battle

Posted on Feb 26, 2012  |   2559 views  

The main idea to my “Old Growth Battle” game board is the idea that as the axe player makes it to the other side, they successfully have cut down trees and in doing so, become a pile of logs. Meanwhile, as the small trees make it to the other side, they grow and become larger trees. The game is driven from the ongoing debate of cutting old growth forests within B.C. Furthermore, constructing this issue into a game board lends itself to a “game of life” that is constantly being played and where there are always both winners and losers. Just like playing the actual game, some days you may win and other days you may not. The clear coating of glaze that I put on top of the board really contrasts with the matte finish of the game pieces when they are put on top of the board. This ceramic piece illustrates how we sometimes abuse our lands by allowing economic benefits to take over social and cultural values. As long as humans stand, trees will continue to be in a battle, especially those of old-growth forests.


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