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Connection's Progression

Posted on Feb 27, 2012  |   3007 views  

I was born and raised in the Northwest Territories where there are over 10 official languages. As a child I spent my time in a small community in the Sahtu where I would often speak with Ravens. I enjoyed conversing with Ravens because they had so many different ways of conversing back and to this day I still talk to them if they are willing to talk to me. While working on an heritage based art project on the significance of communication, I was inspired to create a short animation that reflected communication through a personally written creation story. The physical artwork was just recently purchased as part of the City of Yellowknife's Heritage Art collection, and I would like to share my story with Canada. As Canadians our stories are very dear to us; as a Canadian of the 'True North, strong and free' my stories are my life.


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