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Habitat 67 Series 5of5

Posted on Feb 28, 2012  |   1722 views  

Habitat 67 is a Montreal landmark built in 1967. The revolutionary urban housing concept is an architectural marvel revolving around the cube. It is a visual and spatial experience of spectacular modern design and futuristic interiors. For the past couple of years I have observed it only from a distance. I have driven by it many times and biked along the outskirts of its property for only brief moments. However, once inside its territory, you suddenly forget that you are in Montreal. Its sculptural unity of diverse openings, links, pedestrian walkways, aerial spaces and skylights, leaves a visitor completely immersed in its mystery and its living experience. This series is about an intimate invitation to some of Habitat 67’s unforgettable architectural environments. Through natural sunlight and photography, each scene attempts to evoke feelings of what it would be like for the viewer to be present in that moment.


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