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Posted on May 9, 2010  |   1589 views  

To be called generation zero, the generation of no productivity, being labeled as the ‘dumbest generation’…this is what we’ve been called despite our technological advances to make humans more productive and live longer. Looking back, I’ve come to realize the truth in these labels; despite all that can potentially be achieved; we have become a much lazier generation than that of our predecessors. I chose to illustrate our lack of initiative by creating an image of the human head, and what it becomes when it is creatively lacking. What I mean by this is simply that our minds are capable of so much creativity and ideas, and we can use it to its fullest extent. However, we just take this for granted, and in a sense, allow our minds to rot away by doing meaningless and trivial tasks; sometimes, we don’t do anything at all. I tried to relate this to something that decay, such as food, for example. Its purpose is to feed and provide nourishment to consumers, but if left alone, it goes to waste; it is worthless. This, in result leads to the decay of the human mind and imagination. There is so much potential in what can be achieved, but whether or not we take the initiative to reach this goal is completely up to us. Do we continue to live in our comfort zone, or will we push ourselves to work to our true potential?


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