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We'll Walk Hand in Hand

Posted on May 22, 2010  |   1912 views  

Emily, 16, Essex, Ontario The topic I focused on was Women's Rights, as a female we do have a lot to say. For this I created this painting. Women from many backgrounds are still fighting for rights, so their mouths are stitched to show their not fully having a say. The baby that is being held by the Ethiopian woman is showing the future, because it does not have stitches: therefore the future shows that women will have a say. The painting is enclosed by the black circle, meaning the eye. So it creates the allusion of someone looking through a window looking at these women. This painting means a lot to me, and was one of the hardest and biggest projects I've ever had to do. The whole world needs to know that we all must be treated equally. This is my most powerful painting, people can take it how they want.


MediumPainting, Acrylic

Related Issues Human Rights

Collections Evoke - Évoquer

Tags women rights

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