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Open Your Eyes

Posted on May 24, 2010  |   1709 views  

My name is Christy Groves and I am an 18 year old resident from Forteau, Labrador, Canada. My artwork depicts a homeless man, looking up at a passerby with helpless eyes. I used mixed media to create a collage surrounding this image from newspaper clippings, printed text, charcoal, paint, and leds, that represent the homeless mans thoughts. My artwork is entitled " Open Your Eyes" because so often we overlook the poverty in our own cities and streets. We are increasingly becoming less sensitized to such issues, and, in turn, we tend to keep our eyes shut to these images. With my artwork, I am trying to raise awareness and reach the hearts of those who so easily overlook such devastating and heartbreaking conditions. A dime. A smile. An immediate sense of genuine compassion. To look and really SEE with open eyes.


MediumMixed Media

Related Issues Human Rights

Collections Evoke - Évoquer

Tags homeless poverty

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