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Universal Rights

Posted on May 26, 2010  |   1623 views  

Created on birch wood boards, that had been painted black to retain wood texture. Smaller birch pieces were mounted upon the larger wood pieces to create depth in artwork. Acrylic paint was used throughout. Significance of each issue: -Woman in burka – shows how some ethnic groups shut out women’s voices, through means of the government, religion and family. -Two African women holding hands – this can show many different meanings. One of which is homosexual rights. In many countries homosexuals are still discriminated against by different factors (family, government, etc.) This is a more “taboo” topic so I thought It should be one that should be addressed. -Little boy crying – Child Poverty around the world. Tears are an added effect to show the Childs emotion. -Abstract pieces – these are NOT to fill the space. Expand your mind. I did. These portray fragments of what we know about these issues and the people that are involved with each.


MediumMixed Media

Related Issues Human Rights

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