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Stand up, make a change

Posted on May 27, 2010  |   1481 views  

I made this piece for an every victim matters project. I wanted to make an envelope of some sort and size. I decided to make a large one that I painted black to represent blackmail. On the outside the envelope has a post stamp and warning statement that says that this piece of mail is private and confidential. Opening the envelope I thought I would use words to represent a letter. Also, the words are in a ransomed note to show how shady suspects can be to cover up any evidence. I also chose blurry images surrounding the letter because no one can see and feel what one goes through except the person themselves. The ransomed note is colorful because it is speaking out loud to stop victimizing and start making changes.


MediumMixed Media

Related Issues Human Rights

Collections Evoke - Évoquer

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