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Woman's Rights

Posted on May 27, 2010  |   1579 views  

I decided to do a picture about women’s rights in Saudi Arabia. The women in that country have no rights and are living horrible lives. I felt like I should do something to create awareness of that. Women should be treated equal all around the world. I painted this because it shows the woman standing strong and having the world in her hands which represents possibility and opportunity for them to do great things. Around the world there is the woman’s symbol. To me this is a very strong picture showing that a woman has the power to fight to be equal. The lady in my picture is taking a stand for her fellow women and being strong. I chose this medium because it doesn’t have to be a large picture to get my point across. The dark colors at the bottom fade into lighter colors showing that things get better as she rises. And once she has the power to stand up there are red streaks to show power and positivity. I did my painting in water color because with every stroke of the paintbrush my emotions spread onto the paper, expressing my feeling in a creative and symbolic way.


MediumPainting, Acrylic

Related Issues Human Rights

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