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Discrimination Is Close To Home

Posted on May 28, 2010  |   1824 views  

I have used five simple items to create my art piece; a black canvas, double sided foam tape, tin foil, a brown paper bag, and conte crayon. My idea bloomed when I read the quote “It is often easier to become outraged by injustice half a world away than by oppression and discrimination half a block from home.” by Carl T. Rowan. I had originally centered my art work around this quote but soon changed my direction. My piece conveys the image of a man sitting on a bench, reading about global issues, while a homeless man sits in the corner. I chose the canvas to be black as to keep the attention focused on the two main characters. I thought the double sided foam tape helped the two figures become aparant because they were literally able to "pop" out. The man on the bench was created with tin foil, to represent a wealthy business man, and I felt the shiny surface of the tin foil was able to successfuly represent a typical man of his type. This is done so because it contrasts the dull, brown paper used on the homeless man resting in the corner. The ruggedness of the homeless man is definitely expressed through his slouched posture, and the unapealing look of him with the dull and rough brown. The phrase "discrimination is close to home" is outlined because I felt discrimination was what my focus needed to be. The man is paying attention to the issues outside of his society, and is yet to realize the severity of issues within his own home. I gave the men no distinct features because I felt the figures needed to represent everyone, in any part of the world. I feel this piece represents what Rowan was trying to say, and opens up our eyes as to just how we discriminate among ourselves.


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