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Seeing the Missing Piece

Posted on May 28, 2010  |   1901 views  

Human rights to me means equality for everyone, regardless or race, religion, sex, or status. Everyone has a right to basic ammenities for life. I believe that the world should fit together as a puzzle, with each piece of the world fitting perfectly where it belongs. Each puzzle piece would fit with the next so that only together would the picture be visible. Without each piece having the rights to fit together, the picture will be incomplete. I drew an eye to represent what each of us sees each day, small hints of injustice that go unnoticed without another thought by each one of us. What we may not realize is that we may be the missing piece of the puzzle. Each of us has the ability to change what we see, but if we choose to ignore those hints, the puzzle will not be completed. It is only with each human being working together towards acceptance that the rights of each human will fit together in harmony and equality.


MediumDrawing, Pencil

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