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Posted on May 30, 2010  |   1759 views  

'We are all linked. So if one person's rights are denied, we are all in chains.' ---In my perspective, North America has a higher standard of living above other parts of our world, with the freedom and human rights our government entitles to everyone. I truly am grateful to be a Canadian citizen, and I hope to be a key for unlocking this global issue. Every time I see someone who is less advantaged than myself, I would feel guilty. I use to think my actions would not be noticed, nor do I have the power to impact someone else's life for the better. But if I continue to be a bystander, they would lose another person to contribute to their cause. Now I believe, every difference started with one person. The Earth is chained from freedom and locked from its rights, but we see on either side of the piece that the Order of Canada and the key to this lock is hand in hand. Are we letting go of the Order, or trying to take it back? Are we unlocking the chains, or performing the sin? It is all up to us. Where North America is brightly painted, the other parts of the world are dim and even corrupted, to represent the inequality that is faced, as we see a duality between the upper and lower half of the sculpture. The pair of open hands in the far side is to show accepted difference; in color, size, position; difference. My sculpture was inspired by John Peters Humphrey. He surpassed his challenges and was genuine in his dedication to promoting human rights. "There is a fundamental link between peace and human rights. There will be peace on earth when all rights are respected." -John Peters Humphrey, principal drafter of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, recipient of The Order of Canada (1974) MayMay, 16, ON



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