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Posted on Jun 1, 2010  |   2146 views  

Human rights is an essential and crucial part of our society. Race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or personal beliefs, should not be the basis for discrimination. We live in a world where unfortunately not everyone has these rights. Individuals in third world countries are often persecuted and violated to a further extent than in developped countries. Shockingly though, there are still laws prohibiting perhaps the most natural aspect of life in developed countries. Gay and lesbian rights have been struggling to gain full respect all over the world. The United States still has many states that ban same-sex marriage, which is truly hard to comprehend. Your sexuality is something individual and you should have the right to be able to explore and develop what is natural for you. For any country, but especially a country that is seen to have immense power to but limits and restrictions on perhaps the most basic right, is unbelievable. I feel strongly that individuals should have complete control on whom they choose to love. My piece is a reflection on my beliefs and an expression of what must be chaged in our society. Choosing a recognizable symbol such as the rainbow reflects on how we can associate this cause. Direct interpretation is something left to individual perspective, however the symbol allows for a collective thought. The light needs to expose the absolute injustice of what is happening. The right of your sexuality is a truly personal right which should not under any circumstance be decided by someone else.


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