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The contest closed Nov 14, 2004. The voting closed Nov 14, 2004.



Global Mosaic

Magic Carpet Rides is developing an interactive social norms exhibit to show users that what is considered a socially-acceptable norm during a discrete time and place may be different or the opposite at another time and place. The goal is to increase kid’s understanding that social standards are arbitrary and contextual; so just be yourself, whatever that may be in this moment. We hope to foster a questioning of value systems that will serve to open one’s mind and heart to embrace the beautiful diversity of humanity. Our human population is comprised of over 6 billion lives, each culturally diverse and uniquely invaluable. To gain insight into this global mosaic, we are partnering with the Global Gallery to inspire youth around the world to share their perspectives on the social norms that exist in their daily lives. We would like to know: what pressures do you feel to fit in...from your family, your culture, your friends. Do you feel societal or family influence on the way your dress, look, or eat? Do others have expectations for you enter a specific school or profession, establish a certain type of romantic relationship, have a family, or worship a particular way? How do you escape the tyranny of social norms to follow your dreams and be yourself? Express yourself in whatever form you wish: an essay, a painting, a photograph, a poem, a letter, an audio file recording your voice or a video. Relevant submissions will be showcased in a permanent installation at the Funhouse, a children's discovery museum on Orcas Island.