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The contest closed Jul 31, 2003. The voting closed Jul 31, 2003.



Hidden Realities

For July 2003's theme of Understanding Poverty, the Global Gallery ran a contest, entitled "Hidden Realities". Every day millions of people run around the planet to go to school, drink a glass of water, eat at an exotic restaurant, read a newspaper, buy a book, kiss their partner, build a future, watch the news, find a job, discover a film, or just sit in a park and talk about the world, exchanging ideas and thoughts. And all of this is taken for granted. Yet on Earth, the place that we all call home, there are many realities that are forgotten, hidden in the shadows of the shiny lights of this global village. One of these realities is poverty. What does poverty look like in your area? What does prosperity look like? Come and share your artwork! Let's work to understand and bridge the gap between the poverty-stricken and the wealthy.