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The contest closed Jan 31, 2005. The voting closed Jan 31, 2005.



HIV/AIDS: A Life in 15 Seconds

Every 15 seconds one young person is infected with HIV. 15 seconds. A few blinks of an eye. A leaf falling from a tree. A cloud passing above our heads. Meeting someone who will change your life. Watching a star fall. The time it takes to cast a dream. A world of beauty can hide within 15 seconds. Beautiful moments that we take for granted. Moments that too many are not able to live. 6500 die of AIDS everyday. They died yesterday, will die today, and shall die tomorrow. This is not a cause, it's an emergency. It is about life. This month the Global Gallery aims to raise awareness around HIV/AIDS by reflecting on the smaller emotions that make everyday life grand, that some of us appreciate and that too many of us will never feel. A life can change forever in 15 seconds. Submit images that represent fragments of life in 15 seconds. Furthermore, this month during the monthly theme on HIV/AIDS the Global Gallery has teamed up with the TeenNet project to provide an online space within the Gallery to present Global Youth Voices. The initiative uses art and stories to express how we see our world and what we want to do about it. Check out the Collection!