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Waiting For Answers

Posted on Dec 13, 2007  |   2966 views  

'Waiting For Answers' is a photo depicting a young woman who have been waiting for death. Depression of HIV victims is depicted by the concept of giving up on life, feeling that the world does not care about them (as displayed by the darker sky and darker surroundings). It seems like HIV victims are preconditioned to think of their early/untimely deaths, making them very wary of the future and giving them a very pessimistic look about life. This photo would like to call for action. Our society needs to give more to victims of HIV so we can offer them more positive and productive lives. It calls societies and governments to make a bolder move to prevent the spread of the HIV virus through education, advocacies and campaigns. The real answer for infected victims is not death, but assistance, support and acceptance. Through this we can teach minds, touch hearts and transform lives for the betterment of the international community.


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