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A Typical Government School Class Teacher with Her Students!

Posted on Jun 26, 2007  |   4295 views  

This is a picture taken in a school named Mahendra DevBani Primary School in 2007. In the picture you can see a veteran teacher and her students. The teacher is Mrs. Tara Aryal has been working in this school for 28 years. With such long experience, she says students are just like a clay they can be molded into any shape as long as the parents and teachers are willing to shape them! Her students also equally enjoy her teaching style and the love and care she provide for the little kids. She has been the Social activist of Syangja District for Women Empowerment, Education, Human rights, ICT revolution, etc. Now she is feels very happy to get a hello from her students who are the leading Engineers and Doctors of Nepal. My friend Yumi Nishiwaki and I salute her once again! Yes, "Dreams come true for those who work while they dream."


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