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May 1st

Posted on Aug 16, 2007  |   2194 views  

May 1st May 1st is the day My baby gona leave me, May 1st should my name be, May 1st is the day I should have been born! May 1st is strong, It is my favourite song Of souls going blind On the road of truth. When you throw Injustice on me I will sing The paper with my mind And the workers will be one again Like a raindrop walking Naked by the river. May 1st is the day My baby going to leave me Because my eyes is a dreaming Revolution day hugging My red flag, O God, the revolutionary May 1st is coming Bring the best in you Because I was born for this day, O I was born this way! May 1st I wanna sleep in your dream Kissing each morning By your side Like a pregnant guitar song Dancing in my heart And squeezing tomorrow come, It is time to recreate rapes mind Of freedom land To fly those words to my people hand Louder than thousand alleluia cries. The day this beautiful blue sky Crying silver rain and Golden starts falling Like spring leaves dancing On the tree, it is this our day… My heart is an empty garden A broken-winged bird, A marching red flag in sky And a dreaming revolution day, Kariem Sila is the name, February 28, my birth, My body to the earth belongs And my soul in eternity lies. No one is pure enough To command ours lives Only God! Free souls… blossom of May 1st. I said Free souls are yours and mine! K.Sila

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