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Primordial Soup

Posted on Feb 22, 2004  |   5907 views  

As a child raised by both science and agnosticism, I don't feel I was ever given a set of religious or spiritual icons to color the way that I percieve the world around me. As an artist I have to continually look to the outside world for inspiration and subject matter in order to achieve some amount of universality to my work. This painting was created through the utilization of subjectivity and imagination more than the visual realism that I frequently rely on when I paint. The subject of this acrylic and gouache painting kind of created itself through shapes, which I then defined with outlining and clarified into an actual form. I like to create different stories about it on a regular basis, but I think that the underlying themes deal with creation, destruction, and the microcosmic.

United States

MediumPainting, Acrylic

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Collections Imagining Histories

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