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The Resurrection

Posted on Mar 21, 2012  |   2071 views  

8.5 x's 8.5 Monoprint Oil on Paper. Sometimes it is only through my art that I see my thoughts; the ones that are buried deep in my sub-conscience. The ones that do not occupy my mind expect when I create. This is a depiction of Jesus being watched by his Angel as he prepares for his resurrection. I am assuming it came about as the Christian community prepares for Easter, a celebration that has, as many other religious holidays been altered to include a fictional character with no relevance to the actual historical event. Easter has now become a time for purple (significant to religion) bunnies (no significance) and chocolate – which is carried by the giant bunny. I prefer to see Easter as a time for renewal as we welcome a new season and look forward to green grass and balmy days. But back to the painting - Looking closely will allow for the detail of a 2nd set of eyes. A set of human eyes of which I have no knowledge of having incorporated. The dark thorn that encircles the skull is an off side focal point that forces the viewers’ eye to the likeness of Jesus. If the viewer's interest is sparked they will then scan to see the halo and the drape of the angel's gown.


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