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The contest closed Apr 18, 2011.




The Imprints Art Contest invites you to create art on the theme of ecological footprints and climate change. Enter for the chance to win a prize and have your work included in an international art exhibit at the COP16 climate change conference.


Imprints is the art contest associated with the Tread Lightly climate change education program. Creativity through visual art can be a great way to express your thoughts and feelings on important issues like climate change. What does your ecological footprint look like? What solutions to climate change do you envision for your community? Here’s your chance to put your imagination to work. <br /> <br /> • Submissions will be accepted from October 10th, 2010 to April 15th, 2011<br /> • Submissions received by November 22nd, 2010 will be considered for an art exhibit at the COP16 International Climate Change Conference <br /> • Artwork can be submitted in the form of a video or digital image that can be uploaded (including, but not limited to: video, animation, photographs, drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, mixed media)<br /> • Video guidelines: Entrants may submit their videos the same way as any other submission by following the instructions outlined on the website. Videos can have a maximum length of 3 minutes and must use only original or royalty-free music and images<br /> • Digital Image guidelines: Supported file formats include jpg., jpeg., and gif. (up to 4 megabytes). Images must have a minimum size of 800 x 600 pixels.<br /> • Youth between the ages of 15 and 30 are eligible to enter the contest <br /> <br /> GUIDELINES<br /> <br /> No environmental issue better illustrates our unhealthy relationship with the planet, and the risks that we collectively face, than climate change. Yet, despite the undeniable fact that our survival depends on our ability to live within the means of our planet, we continue to push the Earth’s capacity to sustain us. <br /> Ecological footprints calculate, in global hectares, the amount of biologically productive land and water used to produce the resources that we consume and the waste that we generate in a given year. They are a useful tool for measuring one’s environmental impact and assessing what individual actions can be taken to live a more sustainable lifestyle. <br /> <br /> Eco-art includes art that:<br /> - addresses environmental themes, and/or <br /> - incorporates recycled or re-used materials. <br /> So, Imprints submissions should explore the topics of climate change or ecological footprints, make use of materials that have a reduced impact on the planet, or do both. <br /> <br /> The theme of this year’s contest is storytelling. <br /> <br /> Create a narrative (a story with a beginning, middle and end) that addresses climate change or ecological footprints. What do you imagine could happen to the earth if we don’t mitigate climate change now? What could climate change solutions for your community look like? <br /> <br /> Your narrative can take any form you like - all mediums are welcome, as long as you can submit a digital image or video of your work! Videos, photographs, dance or theatrical performances, drawings, paintings, sculptures, and anything else you can imagine. <br /> <br /> Imprints is part of TakingITGlobal's climate education initiative, Tread Lightly. In addition to the Imprints contest, Tread Lightly features a secondary school climate change curriculum, a themed virtual classroom, and a 40-day footprint challenge. For more information on Tread Lightly, visit

• 1st Prize: $300 Staples Gift Card
• 2nd Prize: $200 Staples Gift Card
• 3rd Prize: $100 Staples Gift Card
• 4th through 10th Prizes: $75 Staples Gift Card

Art Exhibit at COP16 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico:
Entries submitted by November 22, 2010 will have the chance to be included at the upcoming COP16 conference.

• TakingITGlobal will notify individuals who have submitted winning entries in April 2011.

• The Imprints Art Contest is open to youth aged 15-30.<br /> • Submissions are limited to one (1) per participant.<br /> • Entries must be the original artwork of the participants.<br /> • Employees, officers, and directors of TakingItGlobal and Staples are not eligible to participate in this contest.<br /> • If you are not a member yet, click on “Join TIG” to become a member of the TakingITGlobal online community at<br /> • Upload a digital version of your artwork by clicking the "Add Artwork" tab on this page.<br /> • Upload a video by linking your YouTube account with the Global Gallery. You can then submit your video entry as you would any other submission to the Contest.<br /> • Watch your inbox for an email confirmation of your submission from the TakingITGlobal team. If you do not receive such an email within 7 days, please email to confirm that your submission has been successfully uploaded.

• By submitting to the contest, participants grant TakingITGlobal a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to copy, digitize, store, distribute, publish, display, stream, advertise, promote or otherwise use your artwork and their descriptions, in any media or format (including the Internet).<br /> • TakingITGlobal reserves the rights, at their option, to publish any winner’s name, city of residence, photograph, statement regarding the contest, as well as publish or use any artwork submitted, for any purposes, without compensation. Personal information will be collected solely for the purposes of this contest and will not serve for any other purpose. By providing this information, the participants consent to its use for the purposes indicated.<br /> • TakingITGlobal assumes no responsibility for entries that are incomplete, damaged, misdirected or delayed. By entering, participants agree to abide by the contest rules and the decisions of contest organizers, which are final.