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The contest closed May 31, 2005. The voting closed May 31, 2005.



Millennium Development Goals: 'Vision 2015 - Your Future'

Imagine a world where poverty is halved, boys and girls everywhere go to school, gender disparities are eliminated, child mortality is reduced, and maternal health is improved. Imagine HIV/AIDS is halted and its spreading reversed, environmental resources are preserved and sustainable development becomes an everyday practice. All this achieved by the world's countries together, working unanimously for a better future. Is this just a daydream? No, this is the future envisioned by the member states of the United Nations at the Millennium Summit in 2000, where the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were born. As such, The Global Gallery, in partnership with Arts For Global Development Inc. ( and the Millennium Campaign, is proud to present: "Vision 2015: Your Future." How can art attain the MDGs? How do you interpret development issues? How can we overcome the challenges of underdevelopment? What is your vision for the world in 2015? What will your country be like if the MDGs are realized? What are your hopes for your city and community? What are your personal dreams? What are your fears? These are just some of the questions that you can address in your art. Today’s development challenges are all ours. It's your future, your vision to question and answer in an image that can be about the world or about yourself - your hopes, your fears, anxieties, challenges, goals, and of course, your dreams.