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The contest closed Sep 29, 2004. The voting closed Sep 29, 2004.



Music: Silence

A good song screams at the world when the rest of the world is silent, afraid to shout. A good song provokes the mind, shakes an idea, beats the heart. A good album can whisper, can still be heard in a noisy room, but is best heard in a silent one. Even the best of lyrics silently start with the scratching of pencil on paper. Silence is the fertile ground upon which all sounds grow. Even the loudest of noises has a silent start. A first note that breaks the silence. Water needs a container to have a form, to exist. Protest needs a cause to stand before. Emancipation needs constraints and barriers to overcome. There are infinite forms of silence, and infinite sounds. There is no opposition: both need each other to exist. Which of these infinite forms can you think of? What is Silence? Express Silence in an image.