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The contest closed Dec 23, 2011.



#Occupy Protest Signs

What started on September 17th as an occupation of a park near Wall Street in New York has grown into a global movement through social media , live streams and ongoing demonstrations against greed, disparity and corruption. Thusfar, over 1000 people have been arrested for peacefully demonstrating and many have been assaulted by the police. The occupation is spreading with several cities across North America hosting permanent encampments. What do you want to occupy? What do you want to change through through this movement. Show us how you feel by submitting a photo to our global gallery. All you need is a big blank sheet of paper, a marker, and a camera: write your message to the occupy movement and submit it to this gallery set. The winner will receive an $80 donation to be given to the #occupy movement of their choice.


Submit a photo of yourself holding up an #occupy message!

The winner will receive $80 to be donated to the occupy movement of <a href="">their choice.</a>

Anyone can enter!

By submitting to the contest, participants grant TakingITGlobal a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to copy, digitize, store, distribute, publish, display, stream, advertise, promote or otherwise use your artwork and their descriptions, in any media or format (including the Internet).<br /> <br /> All participants shall submit an online Submission Form releasing their copyrights to the artwork and consenting to the use of the participant's name and image for marketing purposes related to the competition, without remuneration. TakingITGlobal reserves the right, at their option, to publish any winner's name, city of residence, photograph, statement regarding the contest, as well as publish or use any artwork submitted, for any purposes, without compensation. Personal information will be collected solely for the purposes of this contest and will not serve for any other purpose. By providing this information, the participants consent to its use for the purposes indicated.<br /> <br /> TakingITGlobal assume no responsibility for entries that are incomplete, damaged, misdirected or delayed. By entering, participants agree to abide by the contest rules and the decisions of contest organizers, which are final.<br /> <br /> DISCLAIMER<br /> <br /> TakingITGlobal recognize that issues of the #occupy movement are broad and can involve a diverse spectrum of opinions, beliefs, emotions, and perspectives that can often be controversial. Please note, however, that any contest entries directly promoting hatred will not be eligible to participate in the contest.<br /> <br /> TakingITGlobal reserve the right to monitor, edit, disclose, refuse to post, or remove at any time, for any reason in their discretion, any material and content, including but not limited to contest submissions, anywhere on the Global Gallery webpage and from the TakingITGlobal. Notwithstanding this right, TakingITGlobal do not and cannot review all materials and submissions posted to the Websites and TakingITGlobal is not responsible for any such materials or submissions posted by third parties.<br /> <br /> This contest is subject to all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws. By entering, contestants agree to abide by the contest rules and the decisions of the contest organizers.