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Posted on Aug 10, 2001  |   3096 views  

acrylic on canvas "The painting Daisy, for me, is an illustration of a feeling of freedom and contemplative thought. There is an extra wheel in the painting belonging to a missing bike. The viewer may or may not notice this and was meant as a slighly hidden ponderous object that doesn't fit in. Similarliy the stripped square floating on the surface of the painting was meant to make the viewer concious of the fact that it is a painting and is two dimentional. I work wth specific colours that are chosen for their emotional or engergetic effect. I like to flaten images and reduce them to pattern letting the colour and shape do the work of depth or lack of depth in any particular piece. The title Daisy some from the popular old folk song 'A Bicycle Built for Two' "

United States

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