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yinyang - 2010

Posted on Jul 29, 2010  |   2540 views  

Both yin and yang cannot exist without each other or stand alone. They depend on each other for definition and can only be measured by comparing themselves to each other. They achieve a state of balance by mutual control and inhibition. The balance is neither static nor absolute, but is maintained within certain limits. When one aspect goes to an extreme, it will undergo a reverse transformation into the opposite character. Whatever is happening is occurring in this play of opposites. We can view it from a yin side or the yang side. We can see it as right or wrong, as good or bad, as beautiful or ugly, the list goes on to infinity. Which side we view it from determines how we feel about what we are seeing. If what we are seeing is in alignment with our beliefs and conditioning, we like it, if not, we don't. If however, we view it from the mid-line of the circle or more expansively from the outer rim of the circle viewing the whole, we see everything as just this play. Each side is dependent and gives rise to the other and each exists within the other. Nothing is good or bad, it’s our point of view that makes it so for each of us individually. The answer to peace and happiness lies in the degree to which we love and accept ourselves. What we cannot accept in ourselves, we cannot accept and love in another. When we stop projecting all of our self-hatred onto others and begin the process of healing into self-acceptance, the end of war becomes a real possibility.


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