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The contest closed Nov 30, 2001. The voting closed Nov 30, 2001.



Promoting a Culture of Peace

Inspired by the terrorist attacks of September 11th, "Promoting A Culture of Peace" was the second contest opportunity for TakingITGlobal members. This project received poetry, digital, and visual art submissions from various countries around the world including Australia, Canada, India, Sierra Leone, Spain and the United States. 'Promoting A Culture of Peace' (PACP) has not only become an online exhibit of different expressions from around the world pertaining to the theme of peace, but has allowed people from around the globe to share artistic expressions and reflections about how they can promote kindness and tranquility in their own communities which inevitably can impact individuals globally. The PACP Postcard is the second aspect of this opportunity. The Global Gallery Team, which consisted of Amanda Diletti & Vittoria La Neve (GG Coordinators), Jennifer Corriero & Michael Furdyk (TIG Co-founders), Martin Kuplens-Ewart, Susheela Nirmalan-Nathan, Karis Malszecki and Jarra McGrath, evaluated the submissions and selected the top 10 submissions, which promoted the theme of peace effectively. These top 10 submissions were showcased on a tangible 5"x7" postcard distributed to various individuals, TIG youth representatives, partners and organizations worldwide that in turn promote the arts, community, peace, youth and education. Nancy La Neve, a member of TakingITGlobal, took the initiative to run this contest at her school as well.