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Posted on Oct 23, 2020  |   631 views  

Hello I am Aryan Ashory a girl who is 16 years old from Ghazni province of Afghanistan. I an living together with my family in one refugee camp. That's years that our live is surrounded with uncertainty of shelter. Becoming a refugee was not an option in my hand to be homeless. During these years I have done many activities by the way that we didn't have a certain place to live inside. I started with being in charge of women space in one squat to help refugee women from different countries in English classes and teaching knitting,making earrings,bracelet,opening Handcrafts Bazzar. Sharing talents,teaching traditional sweets. I was in part of Feminist woman in Athens (το μωβ)which having some activities for women in squats,prison and women who was under violence. That was the best part of my experience which I took from (το μωβ). Then I moved to work in one magazine as translator Dari to English at 2018 and also a member. I had given so many speeches about refugees right through what I was experiencing. Writing poem give me sense of free mind. What I like more is poerty is the music of my life. I have joined so many poetry event sharing my poems and learning some new skills. Life under migration status taught me new lessons. I can feel stronger than the person I was 3 years ago,yeah it passed 3 three years but who knows what me and my family experienced, where we was sleeping?what we was eating? . During this difficult time I never accepted to myself to give up on these problems. At October 2019 I have attended Athens democracy forum which I had training with Global girl media and I had spoken directly to the prime minister of Greece and asked for help. Because I am really tired of this homelessness. That's enough I wanna end it but alone I can't. I just want to have a place to live and not move place to place I think it is not too much I have made some film at the last film that I made it about Covid19 and mine was selected the best film among 16 films of girls around 8 countries with Global citizen. I really want to have experience of many things to full my hand and be a successful person that my family can be proud of me sometimes I am really disappointed from looking to my brothers that they haven't taste the real childhood which it was supposed they feel but they hadn't its long time we couldn't have regular school to continue our education and learn Language.  I am trying to stay active and learn something new by passing every day I feel like my life is just going to be coverd in refugees camp . BUT I DON'T WANT.My link that I win with Girl Rising This is the newest one on international girl day

Aryan Ashory | 16 | Afghania | Afghanistan

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